B. Occupational Therapy (UFS) 2000 – (Cum Laude)

Post Graduate Diploma: Play Therapy (UFS) 2002 (Cum Laude)


Marelé has been practicing as occupational therapist for the past 16 years. She has always had a passion for people and their well-being, which lead to her becoming an occupational therapist. After graduating with honours in 2000, she became increasingly aware of children’s need for emotional support in her clinical work. Since play is a child’s natural form of communication and learning, she undertook further studies in play therapy and received her post graduate diploma in play therapy, with honours, in 2002. She has been an advocate for the use of play as a means towards emotional and mental well being, in occupational therapy, ever since.

Marelé has worked for the Departments of Health and Education, as well as in private practice. Her work experience also includes lecturing at the Department of Occupational Therapy (UFS), specifically on the use of play as a means towards emotional well-being, in occupational therapy. During 2011-2015 she was actively involved in providing occupational therapy group services in a private psychiatric clinic, where she facilitated adult, adolescent and children’s groups. She is currently in private practice and co-founder of i2we, a therapy centre for individual-, as well as group therapy, parent guidance and training of professionals.

Marelé is married and mother of two. Her inner child is still very much alive – and she is in her element when on the floor with a child, engaging in meaningful play

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